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Welcome to The Bean Cellars®

CCI jelly beans

We supply premium gourmet jelly beans from the finest jelly bean manufacturers in the world.

Jelly beans earned an increase in popularity as an Easter Candy in the 1930s because they look like mini Easter eggs.
Since this early period many confectionery companies have created different sizes and flavours. Now you can find them in almost any flavour! They have come a long way since those early days.
Some of the following you may have come across:-

The Jelly Bean Factory®, Gimbal’s®, Weenie Beanies® Haribo®, Parrs®, Russell Stover®, Brach’s®, Jelly Belly®, Starburst Tropical Joosters®, Jolly Rancher® ,Teenee Beanee® and many more!

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