Vimto Jelly Bean Machine dispenser


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Vimto jelly bean machine dispenser

One Vimto jelly bean machine beans on tap dispenser.

Comes with 300g of tasty jelly beans in original strawberry and cherry flavour.

They are made from natural colours, contain real fruit juice and are suitable for vegetarians.


The machine stands 30cm (12 inch) in height and 9cm (3& 1/2 inch) at its base.

How to use:-

Step 1: clean before use

step 2: To add sweets, remove top cover and fill

step 3: Turn the handle to release sweets.

The machine comes in two parts and is self assembly, fun!

Jelly Bean ingredients:-

Sugar,glucose syrup, Maize starch, Acids (citric acid, malic acid) Vimto®

flavouring (including natural extracts of fruits, herbs and spices), Colours (Anthocyanin,lutein,carotenes) Flavourings, glazing agents,(shellac, carnuba wax) palm oil,plant concentrates (safflower, spirulina),stabiliser (gum arabic), mixed fruit juices from concentrate (0.1%) (Grape,blackcurrant,raspberry)

Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 700 g


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