Jelly Stones mis-shaped jelly beans


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Jelly Stones


Jelly Stones, mis-shapes jelly beans. Could equally be called bungled beans, bumble beans or jelly flops! Yes, you guessed, these are jelly beans that went a bit wrong in the production process and did not quite make the grade to become premium gourmet jelly beans. Some are square, some are round, some are even joined together.  They tend to be irregular in shape , some small and some absolutley huge!


However, they taste great and we are sure you will be back for more. These jelly stones are enjoyed by young and older alike and will make an interesting topic of conversation no matter what the event. All in all makes for an interesting taste experience.


These jelly beans are suitable for vegetarians and contain only natural flavours and natural colours. They are produced in a nut free environment. In addition they are, Gluten free,GMO free. kosher certified, geleatine free and halal compliant, they also have 5% fruit juice in the fruit flavours.


Please note ingredients contain shellac, shellac is vegetarian society accredited and also accepted as halal compliant by some halal bodies.




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