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Jelly Beans In Individual Flavours.

It’s very surprising but many people do not realise you can get jelly beans in individual flavours not just as an assorted mix. We have even heard of bacon flavour, Habanero and Thai curry flavour. The jelly bean factory have 36 different ones and jelly belly well over 50. Gimbal’s in the states have well […]

To Bean or not to Bean? That is the question.

Which company is next to add to our offering at our jelly bean cellars? We stock around 30 different flavours from The Jelly Bean Factory and are already adding to our shelves from Jelly Belly. Barratt make exquisite beans and so do Haribo, so that would be beans from America, Ireland, Germany and Britain! All […]

Welcome to The Bean Cellars®

We supply premium gourmet jelly beans from the finest jelly bean manufacturers in the world. Jelly beans earned an increase in popularity as an Easter Candy in the 1930s because they look like mini Easter eggs. Since this early period many confectionery companies have created different sizes and flavours. Now you can find them in […]