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Super size Jumbo jelly beans

Super size jumbo jelly beans. As you can gather these are big jelly beans! we will have to take a photo of all the jelly beans so you can see how big they really are. Of course it makes sense to give you the dimensions as well. Made by Buchanans in Scotland they are very popular with children and adults. We will offer them in various weights so if you fancy a kilogram no problem! More when we get them in stock 🙂

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So many jelly beans, so little time!

Oh my gosh,  we have Bean so busy we forgot to update our blog! As you can see we have added more of the popular jelly beans from different manufacturers. Our new offerings include, Barratt, haribo, Warheads and swedish fish. There are plenty more! We like the look of Gimbals fine gourmet jelly beans too! They are egg free, peanut free, gluten free, dairy free, check them out! One day we hope to stock them as well.

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Promotional Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are an excellent way to promote your company and make an excellent little give away.  We can supply assorted mix jelly beans in bulk or in our 50ml miniature bottles, 200ml plastic milk bottles and glass gift bottles. You can put on your own labels if you wish, a great way to get your sweet message across! There are many colours to choose from, not only that but if you order very large quantities and i mean very large quantities you may even persuade a company to produce a jelly bean in the colour of your choice!





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Jelly Beans In Individual Flavours.

It’s very surprising but many people do not realise you can get jelly beans in individual flavours not just as an assorted mix. We have even heard of bacon flavour, Habanero and Thai curry flavour. The jelly bean factory have 36 different ones and jelly belly well over 50. Gimbal’s in the states have well over 41 different flavours. So if you like watermelon, or need a certain colour for a wedding or other event you have plenty of choice. Some of the stronger flavours such as liquorice or cinnamon, although not everyone’s cup of tea, tend to be well in the top ten of our best sellers.

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To Bean or not to Bean? That is the question.

Which company is next to add to our offering at our jelly bean cellars? We stock around 30 different flavours from The Jelly Bean Factory and are already adding to our shelves from Jelly Belly. Barratt make exquisite beans and so do Haribo, so that would be beans from America, Ireland, Germany and Britain! All with their exquisite texture and sweetness. Like some wines every year is a good year!

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Welcome to The Bean Cellars®

CCI jelly beans

We supply premium gourmet jelly beans from the finest jelly bean manufacturers in the world.

Jelly beans earned an increase in popularity as an Easter Candy in the 1930s because they look like mini Easter eggs.
Since this early period many confectionery companies have created different sizes and flavours. Now you can find them in almost any flavour! They have come a long way since those early days.
Some of the following you may have come across:-

The Jelly Bean Factory®, Gimbal’s®, Weenie Beanies® Haribo®, Parrs®, Russell Stover®, Brach’s®, Jelly Belly®, Starburst Tropical Joosters®, Jolly Rancher® ,Teenee Beanee® and many more!